Thursday, September 18, 2014

8th Grade- While I Am Gone

First complete this activity. I know it may frustrate you, but the easiest way to complete this is by getting a piece of paper out and actually writing down the problems and putting them in order.

Second, complete this activity. The first activity dealt with positive exponents. This will deal with negative exponents. Remember to compare these numbers to zero. Which one is closer, which one is further away. -Again using paper is a must during this activity.

Third grab a worksheet from Mr. Schupp. This is a front and back worksheet. When you are finished with this worksheet turn it into the tray in the front of the room. It will count as a homework grade. If you do not finish it, you will need to turn it in on Monday.

If you finish all of this you can either get on...
2) ST math

Have a good day. When I get back I do not want to hear from Mr. Schupp that any of you were being rude, distributive, or in anyway shape or form bad.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7th Grade- 9/17

Soccer One Step Equation Game

7th Grade- 9/17

One Step Equation

Click on the link above and then click on the very bottom link "One-Step Equations"

It will pull up a PowerPoint. Make sure to have it begin from the first slide. You SHOULD (this is mandatory) have a piece of paper on your desk and follow along with the instructions given to you on the PowerPoint.

I know the games are tempting to play, but once you get through the PowerPoint I will give you time to play the other games.

Monday, September 15, 2014